Privacy Policy

Archlancer has created this privacy policy in order to demonstrate our firm commitment to privacy. The following discloses the information gathering and dissemination practices for the Archlancer website.

By using the Archlancer site and accepting the User Agreement you also agree to this Privacy Policy. If you do not agree to this Privacy Policy, you must not use the Archlancer site. The terms "We," "Us," "Our," or "Designer" includes Archlancer registered users, either the client or the designer.

(“We”), at Archlancer Global Singapore Pvt Ltd we respectfully make sure to protect your privacy. All the policies, terms and conditions are mentioned in this agreement. This is also set out on the basis of all the personal data that our team has collected, or by the information or data that has been provided to us. These are processed by the Archlancer website. You are requested to read the privacy policy properly for understanding how your personal data will be used.

You can browse the Archlancer website and communicate us through electronically mediums for sending us your consent. You can request us to process your Personal data and transfer is as set out in this privacy policy document.

For the purpose of the Data Protection Act 1998 (the Act), the data controller is ARCHLANCER Global Singapore Pte Ltd, Registered Office: # 17, Phillip Street, #05-01 Grand Building, Singapore 048695. R&D: #19/9, Thambiah Reddy Road, West Mambalam, Chennai - India

Here “Personal Data” is a term used by us for identifying personally all the data and information we receive about you. For example, your name, description of your job, birthday, mail address, telephonic details and health related data and information.

The last update made at this privacy policy is made on Friday 2nd December 2016.

Archlancer may collect and process Personal Data about you as follows:

  • You may provide us information by filling forms given to you on our website. Such information can be those needed by us while you register with us, subscribe to us for any of our services, posting projects, communication messages made by you with the designer, making payments using our Archlancer account, depositing cash in our Archlancer wallet or any request made by you for other services.
  • Name, and contact information, such as email address, phone number, mobile telephone number, physical address, and (depending on the service used) sometimes financial information, such as bank account numbers;
  • The detailed information about the transfers and transactions made by you using the Archlancer website.
  • When a dispute is raised by you officially, information related to that.
  • Records of data and correspondence made by you and Archlancer might be kept as a private property
  • We might share some surveys for the purpose of ascertaining performances with you. Your making a reply to them is purely optional.
  • We might hold the message contents and information you put down in the work process.
  • We at times might supplement the data you provide us with the data we receive from third parties. For an instance, information providers like PayPal can provide us credit references and information. This is however subject to the law applicable and privacy policies and from various other accounts which gives us evidence that you are a part of it or you control it as a whole.

Personal Data Usage

Archlancer will be using your Personal Data for the fulfillment of your requests. We will be asking you for the data only which is relevant to us and nothing extra. As per the need adequate information might be requested. When you are asked you to send us your Personal data by Archlancer then it might be due to the following reasons: -

  • Archlancer might contact you on an occasional basis for informing you about the new product and services offered by us.
  • We might send you updates regularly for issues or matters what will be of an interest to you.
  • Your personal data might be used by us for various market research and marketing purposes.
  • Internally we might be using your Personal Data for providing you with our services. These services are offered to you by our website, for administering the website and for helping us improve our own services.
  • Your Personal Data might also be used for making provisions for you to participate into various interactive features of ours or for participating in our services. These will however be chosen by you.
  • Any changes made by us in our products and services will also be notified to you using the Personal Data you provide to us, policies, terms and conditions or the website.
  • Your Personal Data might also be used by us for managing risks, detect, investigate, percent, refund, suspect about some frauds or suspect any potential illegal or fraudulent activities which might occur.

Unsubscribing Policies

Any problems faced by you is believed to be solved by us. However, it is up to you if you do not wish to receive our emails. As per your request we can remove you from our electronic mail listing. This can be done if you select the “unsubscribe” button. This way no longer you will be receiving any marketing mails from us. You can also contact us by other mediums and request for the unsubscribed form.

Anonymous data collected through this website

The Archlancer website uses technology for collecting anonymous information about you in addition to the information collected by us described above. For an instance, our web server keeps a log autonomously about the web pages viewed by our user for our Archlancer website, the IP address from where these are used and the details of the web browser used by the visitor. These are not your personal information which we identify. We simply look out for the various statistical and analytics data about our visitors and their use of the Archlancer website. This helps us improve upon our own services.

The Archlancer website contains Hyperlinks to other pages of our Website. When a visitor uses these links our technology tracks how these links are used by the visitor. The technology tracks the pages visited or viewed by the visitor. This technology does not identify your personally. All is just for our analysis and statistical data record in general to ascertain the performance of the website.


For the collection of anonymous data as described in the paragraph before, the Archlancer website might be using “cookies” temporarily. These cookies cannot discover the identify of the user all by itself. A cookie is a small data or information which is sent to the visitors browser and gets stored inside the hard drive of the visitors computer. There is no damage made to your computer by these cookies. They do not even transfer any personal data from myour computer to us. You can make settings inside your browser and make notifications to us when any cookie is received by you. You may opt for not receiving or receiving such cookies.

For diagnosis of sever related problems and proper administration of our Archlancer website, we use your IP address. IP addresses are numerical codes. These help identifying a computer to a network which is Internet in this case. We may perform tasks like IP lookups for determining your domain. Information about the domain help us measure the demographics of the user better so that we can provide them with better services.

Personal Data Disclosure

Archlancer is not sharing, selling or distributing any of your Personal Date with any third parties unrelated to the site except when it is agreed upon by you in the Privacy Statement and under the below given circumstances-

  • Based on the request made by you about products or information which is supposed to be transferred to you, occasionally such Personal Data transfer is made sharing with companies falling among our group companies or third parties working in partnership with us for the execution of the process for which your consent has been taken by us previously. For an instance, A third party can sometimes have an access to your Personal Data for processing your request of emailing on behalf of Archlancer.
  • Your contact details are stored in our databases. From time to time this may be used for emailing you or notifying you information or similar services and products from Archlancer which might interest you. If you do not wish to get these notifications, you can simply use the “unsubscribe” button.
  • When we received your consent, your Personal Data will be shared with other companies which fall in our group of companies. These companies may then communicate with you with products and services which might have an interest in you.
  • For legal requirement we might transfer, share or disclose your Personal data or information stored with us in our database and sever logs. This is with the aim of protecting your interests, protecting the integrity and security of our database or the Archlancer website, precautionary steps against any legal liabilities, or when a sale event take place, merger, reorganization or dissolution or any event similar to these. We will always email you about these and about any transfer or disclosed which is needed by the law to be informed to you.
  • The consent made by you is that we may share necessary Personal data to: The law enforcement agencies and the police; security agencies and forces; eligible governmental or intergovernmental bodies; eligible agencies except tax related agencies; regulatory authorities; self-regulatory authorities or third parties involved but not banded by our group companies, with any one which we consider as inappropriate and have reasons to believe so, with anyone we feel is improperly making investigations, or violating terms and conditions , other policies mentioned in it or fund sources like debit or credit card services. We and the third parties working with us may access, share or use needful information for helping us assess or manage any risks. This will not have the intention to prevent money laundering, fraud or terrorist financing activities. This also involves exchanging information to government agencies or otherwise for the protection of fraud and reduction of credit risks.
  • For application or enforcement of our terms and conditions, our policies or any other contract or agreement in between you and the Archlancer user and us.
  • Your Personal Data may be transferred to other Archlancer website users when they confirm us in writing that they wish to proceed or take legal action against you for any dispute raised by them on the Archlancer website.
  • Wherever we find it inappropriate we need the third parties to take adequate precautions before they disclose Personal data for the protection of the data in compliance with the law applicable.
  • Where we choose to connect with the Archlancer account using your Facebook account we may share, transfer or disclose Personal Data to Facebook. This permission will be informed and requested to you while you connect your account. If you permit us, then you can disable this setting anytime by changing the account settings of either Facebook or Archlancer.

Data access and corrections

It is only when we receive a written request from you permitting us for identifying your Personal Data we will be disclosing you what we hold about you. We will also make corrections, amendments or deletion of Personal Data which is not accurate and inform the third party receivers about these needful changes. You may then update your Personal Data by contacting us.

The requests for deletion of Personal Data are subject to the related legal and ethical reporting or retention obligations of the document imposed on the Archlancer website.

Websites Interlinking

The Archlancer website may contain hyperlinks to other websites which is not owned or operated by us. These hyperlinks are given to give you reference and ease of use. They do not signify any kind of endorsements with any of these third party web sites or with any of their operators. We have no control on these third party websites. We are not responsible for their data and privacy control policies. We recommend and insist you to review their privacy policy disclosed in their website when you visit their website before providing any personal data and information to them.

Data transfer for abroad

At present our company’s serves are located in the United States of America. If you are visiting the site from outside USA, then the communications occurring will be requiring information or data transfer crossing international boundaries.

Your Personal Data will also be transferred in between our offices and the third party processes which is located globally. In a situation where your Personal Data is transferred crossing the border of your country we will make sure that the receiver of these Personal Data keeps it secured and confidential in compliance with protection laws.

If may make to our privacy policy in the future, you will be notified by email of any such changes we made, for any further questions, comments or requests regarding this privacy policy.

Contact Information: If you have any questions or suggestions regarding our Privacy Policy, please contact us at


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