Browse through the Frequently Asked Questions to have an overview of how Archlancer works

What is Archlancer? is an online architectural, design and professional web platform that gives you endless ready to make use of global architects & customize the designs based on the client’s requirement. We understand that to every individual their abode is the best place on Earth and hence, needs to be unique and refreshing in its own way. Archlancer is the platform where architects and designers await to showcase their style of works developed by them over their Nowhere else will you get to see so varied styles of works and talent waiting for your explorations.

What fees does Archlancer Charge?

There is no charge for signing up with Archlancer.

How to Sign up in Archlancer?

  • Just fill up a small registration form. You will have to give an unique username and password which helps identifying you each time you sign in. You also need to give a valid email id confirming our Terms and Conditions. a verification email is send to you by us to the email address you provided us. Following the link send will help activating your Archlancer membership.
  • Creating the profile. This is how the entire Archlancer community will be aware about your business or profile.

How will Archlancer work for clients?

Set up your profile and requirements in the simplest and straightforward manner. Walk through the portfolio of the various architects and designers on Archlancer and make a pick if your vision matches with any predefined style. This way you can help make the work complete faster and at a better price point.

I am an architect/designer. How will Archlancer work for me?

Show your best made designs so far. The more varied your designs are the more convincing it will be for the potential client. Shape your profile so it stands out from the rest in the crowd. Highlight your best skills will help people around know why you are the best talent to be hired in the Archlancer community.

Will Archlancer give me work to the architects and designers?

No. Archlancer gives you a platform to fetch work all by yourself and showcase all your talents to potential. It creates the channel through which a designer can communicate with the end user.

Why do you need Archlancer?

You bet how difficult it is navigating into the tricky business of developing houses, offices and other infrastructures are. The real challenge is getting the right talent for the job. The web, indeed has helped us with reducing a lot of legwork. But, there is no match for an experienced professional advisor. Archlancer is your one in a million real estate genuine advisor cum platform. Archlancer is a crack navigator who knows the market in and out, and saves you a lot of money, time and heartache. It basically helps you choose the best available design offered for building up your dream abode.

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When do the Designer Get Paid?

Service charges are released by the client when they accept the design submitted and makes the Release the Payment action by the architects.

Do I need to pay to enter into a project?

No, there is no project posting fee for the designer. The client has already deposited the fund when a project negotiation is made in between him and the designer.

What is the currency in which I will be paid?

The Archlancer has a list of currencies. You need to select any one of those for receiving payment. Architects and designers will be paid either in USD and GBP.

Is there a surety that I will be paid when I hand over the designs?

Funds are transferred to the designer account on their work submission with the approval from the client. Archlancer wallet is where this fund will be held to ensure safety and security of payment on project completion.

For this both the parties needs to sign up a legal IP Transfer Contract.

How to book an appointment?

Using the Archlancer chat facility the client and the architect can communicate. On request made by the architect they can also discuss about work fee so that a clear understanding is made before beginning on the work.

How can I find the right designer?

You can search the list of architects, from the Archlancer Discover page and review their portfolio to choose the appropriate profile which matches your requirements.

How can I start a project?

Once you choose the architect you can choose them by sharing the requirement in brief and so they will send an quote for approval, they can start from there by paying the advance in terms of mile stone. Your Archlancer account balance will have the project fund deposited by you through any of these verified payment sources- Credit Card, Pay Pal. Once the payment is confirmed the project order begins by the architect.

How will I communicate with the designer?

Archlancer's effective chat system can be used for making all communications with the designer.

How will I get the works from the designers?

When the designer has completed the files they will send it to your account through the inbuilt messaging system. The project is still ongoing until you are satisfied with the work and considers it to be completed. Scanning files and folders uploaded for viruses is the sole responsibility of the designer and the client and in no way is Archlancer responsible for any damages occurring for the same.

What if a designer fails to complete the project?

The client can mark the project as “incomplete” if the designer is not able to finish the project within the time specified. The profile of the designer will have the project status stated as “incomplete”.


Building anything from scratch is not a kid’s play. Let the Archlancer professional architects get the job done fast and efficiently.